Fundamental for my motivation to create for the youngest audience is the perception of the child as equal to an adult, worthy of encountering arts in early years. Inspired by the notion of relevance of child experience for our understanding of human condition, my motivation is rooted in the boundless curiosity in unfolding the exploration together with a child, seeing a child as a partner in learning as well as in generating an understanding of meaning and value of artistic experience. My motivation resides in the recognition of the urgency of challenging the perspective of performing arts for the youngest audience within a general artistic and cultural context. I believe that performances for the youngest audience should propose a valuable experience for both child and adult. They should resist the instrumentalisation imposed by traditional ideas of the educational role of theatre for children, decline theatrical conventions, oculocentrism and patriarchal dominance, and deny the concept of ultimate knowledge of the right way of experiencing the world.

photo Wittchen Jakub